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Welcome to my New Collection, PrettyWearMod™

I have been looking forward to making a collection of Mod Jewelry and am finally able to create some pieces to list for sale. I am starting my collection with 4 pairs of mod earrings and will be adding on many lovely new pieces often!

Sweetly Mod™

I created these earrings with a sweet, sassy, but not so far out look, idea in mind. I think that the bow makes them sweet and the dangle makes them sassy. They are a re-creation of the 60’s look but do not look at all vintage. I used new findings and elements. I used black flower w/gold accent earring posts, with a nice thick chain of lightweight gold color aluminum. The bows are made with gross grain ribbon, and the 20mm acrylic beads are in white and black, with a gold color small square bead accent. They are wrapped in gold plated wire. These earrings measure approx 2 ¾ inches. Shipping is free. $33.00

Sweetly Mod™ (in white)

Sweetly Mod (in white)1

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Sweetly Mod™ (in black)

Sweetly Mod (in black)1

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Simply Mod™

These simply mod earrings are similar to the drop dangle ball earrings of the 60’s. They have the same elements as the Sweetly Mod™ earrings without the bow and a slight variation on details. I used black colored aluminum chain, and silver tone wire, with silver plated flower posts. The smaller beads are silver color.

Black and White Mod1

Simply Mod™ (in white)

Black on White Mod1

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Simply Mod™ (in black)

Black on Black Mod1

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ModDrops™ are something I wanted to create with a drop and a dangle. ModDrops™ in (pale pink) have a chain dangle in black that is a nice contrast. ModDrops™ (in black) have a dangle that is made with a wire wrapped bead and jump rings. Drops refer to the drop shaped charm at the end of the earrings. Drops also refer to post earrings that have a drop from the post to attach lovely elements from, which in the case of 60s mod earrings, the post drop was popular with beads, balls, hoops, and more! I guess ModDrops™ could be double drops! Shipping is free. $33.00

ModDrops™ (in Pale Pink)

These measure 3 1/4 inches

Mod Drops in Pink1

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ModDrops™ (in Black)

These measure 2 1/4 inches

Mod Drops in Black1

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I love these pretty dainty ModDaisy™ Earrings. The lovely green post and the Vermeil Daisy go quite well together. The daisy hanging from the chain is light and airy! Earrings Measure 2 3/4 inches. Shipping is free. $33.00


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ModMiniHoops™ are a nice alternative for those who like hoops but may not be able to wear the larger ones. I like both but I thought I would offer these smaller ones. These earrings are made with Epoxy hoops in bright orange and sky blue, colorful connectors, and handmade earwires. Orange have the gold plated accents and blue have the silver plated.


ModMiniHoops™ (in Orange)

Measure just over 3 inches

ModMiniHoops (in orange)

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ModMiniHoops™ (in Blue)

Measure 2 1/4 inches

ModMiniHoops (in blue)

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Bright and sunny in colors of yellow, orange, and gold, these ModHearts earrings are a wonderful way to brighten up your day! I made these earrings with a lovely floral post that matches the heart perfectly. These dangles measure 2 1/2 inches in length from top of post to bottom of heart. Shipping is free. $33.00


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I love these ModHoops™ I have always liked wire hoops. They are a popular earring and I decided to make them with these mod “vintage looking” posts, and epoxy charms. These are drop dangle hoop earrings in pink and black. I used gold plated posts, wire and jump rings to make these lovely mod earrings. $33.00 each


ModHoops™ (in Pink)

Measure approx 2 1/4 inches
Free Shipping $33.00

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ModHoops™ (in Black)

Measure approx 2 inches
Free Shipping $33.00


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  ModFabs™ are a new addition to my mod collection, made with fabric. I will be listing some pretty jewelry in cotton printed fabric and more in faux leather fabric. These will be the last additions to my Mod Collection. I hope you  like them.

  ModFabs™ (in pink). These earrings are made with cotton fabric, liquid stitch, and gold plated findings. They are not a small earring. They are a bold statement earring, on the other hand the fabric and the pink drops also makes them softer looking as well. These fun earrings are OOAK. They measure approx 3 1/2 inches total length. They measure side to side at 2 inches.




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    ModBlooms™ are mod hoops made with pretty quilting fabric with a mod theme. I made these with a flower embellishment that gives it an extra feminine flair. I used liquid stitch for a seamless finish. These hoops dangle by gold plated jump rings and hammered gold plated ear wires. They measure 3 1/2 inches from top of ear wire.



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I created these earrings with inspiration from the mod flower power era. I used a pretty black and white striped fabric and sewed around it with pretty pink embroidery thread and added a pretty flower embellishment. I matched the flower with a yellow drop to make these mod statement earrings really pop. Earwires are handmade silver plated wire. These earrings measure 4 inches.



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Mod Fabric and Chain™

I have made two mod necklaces to finish my mod collection. They are fabric pieces that are embroidered and combined with mod flowers for two lovely choices. The hearts necklace is short like a choker, and the diamonds necklace is slightly longer. I used liquid stitch as well sewed stitches. Both have gold tone chain with gold tone clasps. Each are $33.00

Mod Fabric and Chain with Hearts™ (in green)


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Mod Fabric and Chain with Diamonds™ (in pink)


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I hope you enjoyed my collection of my version of mod jewelry!